Contoh percakapan Bahasa Inggris


Tika        : excuse me, Sir. May I sit down here?
John      : of course, please! Are you a local tourist?
Tika        : yes Sir. I come from Medan North Sumatera. And you?
John      : I’m a foreign Tourist.
Tika        : what country do you come from? Are you Spain?
John      : no, I come from New York, United State of America.
Tika        : may I introduce myself? I’m Tika
John      : my name is John Miller. How do you do, Tika?
Tika        : how do you do, John? I’m very glad to meet you.
John      : so I am. The Indonesians are very friendly.

Introduce to someone else
(memperkenalkan orang lain)

Joko                       : Tomy, may I introduce you to professor Gandung. He’s my Father.
Tomi                      : how do you do, Professor?
Professor            : how do you do, Tomi?
Timi                        : am I disturbing you?
Professor            : not at all. Any friends of my son are most welcome. Please, sit down.
Tomi                      : thank you, professor.


Shinta   : what will you do, Tom?
Tomy     : I want to see Dewi this afternoon but I have no time at all.
Shinta   : are you busy?
Tomy     : yes, so. I’d like to make a telephone call. May I use your telephone?
Shinta   : yes, please do.
Tomy     : excuse me, Shinta. Do you remember what the telephone number of Luciia’s office is?
Shinta   : of course. 63051
Tomy     : pardon? Repeat once again
Shinta   : 63051. Plase dial the correct number.

How are you?
(bagaimana kabarmu?)

Jimi        : how are you, Toni?
Toni       : very well. And you?
Jimi        : I’m fine too
Toni       : i have not seen you for a long time. Where were you? Have you been away?
Jimi        : yes, i have been to Australia for three years.
Toni       : what did you do there?
Jimi        : I countinued my study there.
Toni       : I see
Tina        : hello, Jean
Jean       : hello, Tina
Tina        : I haven’t seen for ages. It’s about nine years, isn’t it?
Jean       : yes, I believe so
Tina        : well, how have you been?
Jean       : pretty well, thank you. And you?
Tina        : i’ve been fine, thanks
Jean       : it’s really nice to see you again, Tina
Tina        : i’m glad to meet you again, too
Jean       : well, i’d better be on my way
Tina        : ok, please come over when you have time, Jean
Jean       : Ok, thanks

Going to school
(pergi ke sekolah)

Toni       : wehere are you going, John?
John      : I am going to school
Toni       : where do you study?
John      : I study at Vocational High School 3 Jepara
Toni       : how do you go to school?
John      : I sometimes go on foot and bicycle
Toni       : how far is it from your house?
John      : it’s about one kilometer
Toni       : how old are you, John?
John      : I’m thirteen years old
Toni       : are you in the first of Junior High School?
John      : no, I’m the second year now. I mean that i’m in the second class
Toni       : you must be a clever student
John      : certainly. I always get the first or second rank
Toni       : when did you start going to school?
John      : i started going to school when i was five
Toni       : I see
John      : did you study very hard last night
Toni       : yes, i did. I’m going to have a test this morning
John      : is it the second semester test
Toni       : yes, that’s right
John      : good luck, Toni
Toni       : thank you
John      : and may God bless you
Toni       : ok. By the way, how many pairs of uniform do you have?
John      : i’ve three pairs of uniform
Toni       : why?
John      : because I have to change uniform once two days
Toni       : oh, i see. What’s your favourite subject matter?
John      : i like all the subject matters. But the most favourite is english. What about you
Toni       : i really like english, but i always get difficulties, especially in vocabularies. So, the best subject for me is mathematics.


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